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Spruce Sap Salve

It’s one of our favourite products - an all in one salve. We use it for chapped hands, cracked knuckles, mystery rashes, scabs, and even as an essential oil free decongestant rub for babies. Aimee keeps a bit under her nose almost all the time, as it’s also such a deeply grounding scent. My husband has quit wearing any scented products, and just uses this as his ‘cologne’ and beard balm. A little bit in a wax melter also makes the whole house smell like fresh spruce wood, which is really beautiful at Christmas.


Use liberally on chest as a decongestant. Can be used on dry and cracked skin

Spruce Sap Salve

  • Wildcrafted peace Country Spruce resin,  peace country Beeswax, Almond oil.

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