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"I took the Recovery Spray along to Mexico last week and it was a life saver! It's the best after sun spray, calms itch from bug bites, works on reef rash from diving, awesome face refresher, deodorant...I used it every day. Thanks for making the amazing things you do! Keep up the good work!"


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"I use the bedtime balm for my 7month old, Paisley, every night! Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, but it keeps her skin super soft. I have to say who would not want there baby/child to sleep at ease? Paisley sleeps from 8:30pm to 9:30am. A huge factor is bedtime balm! I absolutely love it! When she has a upset tummy, I also use the tummy tamer and I am blown away with the results! I tried every home remedy you can think of and nothing seemed to really work, then I used tummy tamer. Haven't used anything but tummy tamer since!"


Everything Ointment (1).png

"Thank you ladies so much for the everything cream....I will use this for the rest of my life lol !!! I have never found anything that works so unreal . On me and my son! My eczema has always been a problem for me since I was a kid, it cleared up my eczema within a day! Thank you for this miracle cream."


Everything Ointment (1).png

"Picked up the Everything Ointment last week and we love it! I had tried everything else on my daughters eczema and nothing had helped, but this keeps it under control! My son is also allergic to mosquito bites, so I used some on bites he had and it helped heal them much faster! Very happy with it!"  


Dream Sweet (2).png

This is the best spray! I use it all over the house everyday.


Everything Ointment (1).png

"These ladies deserve a huge shout out. I cannot say enough about their products, the Everything Ointment and the Diaper Spray have become must haves in my home. The Everything Ointment has been such a huge success in aiding my pregnancy acne that I still use it. My husband has come to love the Diaper Spray. We haven't had any signs of a diaper rash since we have started using it. I have just started using the Recovery Spray on my dermal (my son absolutely loves to smack it, preventing it from actually healing) and with only two applications it is already less tender. I definitely recommend using their products. They work, are safe for the whole house, and you get to support a great local business!"


Dream Sweet (2).png

I will even just use it as my personal perfume! I love smelling it all day !


Dream Sweet (2).png

We use ours as ‘Monster Spray’ for our oldest. Works like a charm


Everything Ointment (1).png

"Well ladies, I'm incredibly happy to report, after a pesky diaper rash yesterday that was making diaper changes pretty painful, and my regular cream (desitin) was providing minimal relief. I finally clued in this morning that I could use my Everything Ointment, so I gave it a shot. I used it at every change today, even though the rash isn't totally cleared up, after the first application she appeared to get immediate relief and happily let me change her all day without any hesitation! THIS CREAM IS AMAZING!"


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I used the bath soak last night! It was utterly luxurious!


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